Suffering From Sports Aches and Pains? How Toronto Athletic Therapy Can Help

When a professional athlete suffers a sports related injury, their immediate response is not to turn to their family doctor for relief but to seek out professional athletic therapy for treatment. These professionals are often on hand to deal with a wide spectrum of injuries, and their job is to not only help athletes recover from the injury or condition, but also to avoid similar injuries in the future.

You need not be a professional athlete to sustain an injury on the court, field, rink, etc., so you need not be a pro-athlete to seek treatment from a professional for any injury you suffer. The best way to treat a sports related injury is to have it addressed by an experienced professional like one dedicated to sports related injuries at an athletic therapy clinic.

How is athletic therapy different? One example is to compare when someone suffers a car accident related injury to a sports injury. The former is a one-time damage circumstance that requires much different treatment than that used to heal an injury due to sports. This is because many sports injuries are overuse injuries, meaning that they develop as a result of repetition or continued strain. Athletic therapy recognizes these differences and relies on and administers a treatment plan that not only takes into account the treatment of the injury but also your future goals and lifestyle.

What might athletic therapy from a Toronto sports medicine clinic consist of? If you suffer from a sports related injury, be it tendonitis, back pain, or knee osteoarthritis, an athletic therapy clinic will use one, or a combination of, various treatment methods including chiropractic treatment ( i.e. acupuncture, Active Release Technique), massage therapy, shockwave therapy, osteopathy or physical therapy. Non-surgical alternatives are an important part of athletic therapy that make it much easier for you to return to the field more quickly.

When you suffer from a sports related injury, why not trust a professional who works specifically with the pain caused by sports. If you’re serious about getting back to the activities you enjoy, consider athletic therapy.

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