Staying Active in the Winter: Tips from a Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury ClinicFor many people, the leaves changing colour and the weather becoming colder is a sure sign that life will quickly become much more indoor-based. The temptation of trading a day outside for one curled up in front of the fire can be hard to ignore, but when it comes to staying in shape, this can make things a bit more difficult. Don’t stress – it is actually pretty easy to stay active during the winter. Check out this list of tips from a sports injury clinic to stay fit even when the weather is acting up!


  1. Clean. Yes, clean. Housework is a great way to burn calories – and since you have to do it anyways you might as well be happier. Just think, not only will your home be tidy, you’ll feel better too.
  2. Walk. Go to the mall, head to a local museum, really anywhere that offers the space to make this a worthwhile exercise, while staying warm, is great.
  3. Join a gym or do workouts at home. If your summer workout routine generally involves being outside, and therefore the winter means you take a break, think about heading indoors to get that body moving.
  4. Take advantage of the stairs. Whether at home or work, make the most of this often-ignored yet highly effective workout machine.
  5. Join a dance class – this can really help you work up a sweat and burn calories, all while having fun and learning some new moves.


  1. First tip – warm up before heading out. Cold temperatures can make your muscles tight, and therefore more prone to injuries – so get them warmed up first.
  2. Head to the local rink for some ice time – a great way to get out with family and friends. Check out the free skates at arenas and outdoor rinks close to you and this activity doesn’t have to cost you a thing.
  3. Hit the slopes – skiing and snowboarding are a great form of winter exercise and are both really fun.
  4. Shovel snow – you have to do it anyways, but instead of being grumpy about it, think about how many calories you are burning out there! Just make sure to do it properly, or you might end up hurting yourself.
  5. Go outside and play. Buddle up with the family or a group of friends and head outside for a brisk snowball fight or build a snow fort. Just because you aren’t 7 anymore doesn’t mean that these things are any less exciting than they used to be – you might actually be surprised.

Winter doesn’t have to drag you down. Whether you change your exercise routine to fit the season indoors or outdoors, there are a ton of ways to stay active during the winter months.

For more ideas about staying active even when the weather outside is frightful, please contact sports injury clinic Athletic Edge Sports Medicine today by calling 416-800-0800.