Sore Cyclists: Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain ReliefAvid cyclists are no doubt aware of the pain that can accompany this rigorous sport. The way cycling forces you to sit can often significantly impact your back. So, with this in mind, we found this great video from Health Choices First. It talks specifically about cycling-related lower back pain and lower back pain relief.

In the video, Dr. Larissa Roux discusses the pain that can come from cycling, which is a very common problem. If this kind of back pain is left untreated, it can gradually become worse and lead to chronic pain. As Dr. Roux suggests in the video, it’s important to seek medical attention if you are experiencing lower back pain from cycling, both for pain management and to help develop an optimal training plan.

Dr. Roux also discusses various treatment options, including physiotherapy, to help with range of motion and strengthening exercises. She also explains why a lower back brace can contribute to stabilization and posture. You’ll also find some very useful tips on how to achieve lower back pain relief so that you can stay out there on your bike a lot more comfortably.

If you experience pain when you ride, it might be time to pop into your local sports medicine specialist for some assessment and goal-setting towards achieving lower back pain relief. Athletic Edge Sports Medicine can help – call 1-416-800-0800 today.