Shedding Winter Weight – Get Your Body Back With a Registered Dietician

Registered DieticianAT LAST!! Winter is winding down with the first vestiges of spring peeking through the clouds. Soon enough (well, maybe not “soon enough” for some) we will be back out there enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather. But, yikes, wait!! Warmer weather also means less clothing – meaning no more hiding behind those bulky winter sweaters and snuggling up in track pants. If you want to start shedding some of that comfy winter  weight, why not get turbo-charged with the help of a registered dietician?

Why? Because we all know how difficult it can be to lose weight (it’s not even a fraction as easy as putting weight on) and for most of us, typical diets don’t garner long-term results. While a quick fix seems great, what’s the point if you just gain the weight back a few months down the road? Not only is that strategy a lot of wasted effort, it’s arguably damaging to your metabolism in the long term too. So if a one-size-fits-all approach to weight management doesn’t actually fit anyone, why bother?

The benefits of working with a registered dietician are vast, but the most significant is the creation of your own individualized program – a collaboration between you and your dietician, factoring in your goals and lifestyle. It also includes establishing a meal plan that doesn’t leave you feeling starved throughout the day, taking into account which foods you prefer around the limits of one’s budget. This makes sticking to the regimen far easier. Who wants to live a life of deprivation eating salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in pursuit of an unrealistic outcome?  Rare is the person who can maintain a menu that rigid, so a healthy and satisfying meal plan that gives you an extra boost can mean the difference between success and failure

A registered dietician will also help you to set fitness goals and work with you to stay motivated. It’s a given that any smart weight management plan should include exercise, but a surprising number of “diet strategies” disregard exercise. When your body revs-up to burn calories from physical exertion, staying in shape with reasonable effort is an obtainable result. Be it a gym, yoga classes, or designing a workout routine for home, a registered dietician will work with your lifestyle to make routine exercise easy, fun, and achievable.

Don’t let winter weight keep you down, not to mention overdressed while hiding behind your winter wardrobe. Work with someone trained and experienced in transforming people through an effective, healthy, long-term weight loss program.  Reach your goals and say hello to a lifestyle makeover!

For more information about weight management, or to speak to our registered dietician Stefanie Senior, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 1-416-800-0800.