Recovered from a Torn ACL? Get Ready for the MS Bike Toronto Tour with a Custom ACL Knee Brace

On September 8th, the streets of Toronto will once again be host to the MS Bike Toronto Tour. Both casual riders and competitive teams will journey through the paths of Toronto’s parklands, choosing from 30km or 55km routes. It’s a great way to wrap up the summer while raising money for a worthwhile cause!

Whether you’re riding in the MS Bike Tour, out for a casual ride to enjoy Ontario’s scenic trails, or are an avid cyclist taking to the roads on a regular basis, biking is a great way to exercise.  But, if you have suffered from a torn ACL in the past, it might not be prudent to mount your bike without some form of knee protection. Enter the benefits of an ACL knee brace!

Since stability plays a big role in the recovery of a torn ACL, a custom ACL knee brace can deliver it comfortably and effectively. A torn ACL is often the result of contact in high impact sports (football, rugby, basketball, etc.), or when a sharp stop or change in direction causes the knee to stretch beyond its normal limits. Keeping the knee stable will allow you to participate in the sports you love without continually worrying about whether or not your knee is vulnerable following recovery.

Why bother with customizing your brace? There are many different generic knee braces out there that claim to do justice to an ACL injury. However, if you really want the best protection for your knee, consider the logic that your ACL knee brace is customized to fit your body – and no one else’s.  Our sports medicine specialists will take measurements and ensure that your custom knee bracing is made to your exact specifications.

Flexibility is key, and generic knee braces are bulky, limiting your ability to move. Although this may help keep the leg stable, it certainly doesn’t help to keep you active. By comparison, a custom ACL knee brace that is lightweight and comfortable will protect your knee without sacrificing your full mobility. This allows you to get back on the bike (or track, or court, etc.) without being constrained in any way.

Whether prepping for the fun of the MS Bike Toronto tour or just looking for some added protection during everyday activities, visit a sports injury clinic today to have a custom ACL knee brace fitting.

For more information about having a custom ACL knee brace made for you, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine today at 416-800-0800.