Prepare for The Cardiac Health Foundation’s Walk of Life with Custom Made Orthotics

On Sunday May 26th, The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada will hold its annual Walk of Life at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto. The Walk of Life features a 3km and 5km walk, a 5km run, and a 1km family stroll. There are great prizes for runners with top time, a healthy breakfast before the event and a t-shirt for all participants. With summer just around the corner, this event promises to be a great one. Celebrate the launch of the season by getting out there with some friends in support of The Cardiac Health Foundation.

As you prepare for this event, as well as for your own summer running season, it’s best to ensure your body is in top form before stepping out onto the track. Those of us who enjoy running on a regular basis know though that pain can keep us from enjoying what we love. If you are a runner who faces the all too common foot pain that can accompany the sport, it’s time to take charge and get your life back!

So how can you get rid of the foot pain (or knee, back and hip pain) that often accompanies running? A sports injury clinic that specializes in all types of sporting injuries has the answer. Instead of suffering with pain, sitting out when you want to be up and at ’em, combat those foot woes with custom made orthotics.

Ok, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just go out and buy a generic pair of foot orthotics. Aren’t they the same? Are custom made orthotics really that much better? Think about it this way: a one-size-fits-all running shoe doesn’t exist for a reason. Running shoe types vary considerably in order to meet the needs and goals of each runner. So why then, would you want a one-size-fits-all orthotic? Hmmm, well, you probably wouldn’t.

So how do custom made orthotics created by a sports injury clinic differ? It all starts with a consultation to assess your pain and complete a computerized gait analysis. This helps establish what kind of custom made orthotics you need. Rather than a standard pair of orthotics, custom made orthotics target specific, individual pain, and correct it.

Just as with any sport, having the right equipment helps put you at the top of your game. Custom made orthotics are essential equipment for many runners, so it’s important to visit a sports injury clinic to have your pain assessed and see if these are right for you. What better way to deal with a sports injury than to have it treated by an expert who specializes in sports related injuries?

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