Plantar Fasciitis Surgery May Be Avoided Through The Use of Custom Foot Orthotics

Did you know that millions of North Americans suffer from a painful foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis? This pain-found on the bottom of the heel – is a figurative pain in the neck, and people of all ages can develop it.

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis can include physical therapy, injections, splinting, shock wave therapy, surgery, and custom foot orthotics. The severity of one’s condition usually guides them towards the best treatment option as will their lifestyle, their comfort level and their personal goals for rehabilitation.

Surgery is the most drastic option and should only be considered once all the others have been exhausted.  Plantar Fasciitis surgery may carry risks that include rupture of the plantar fascia, infection, and/or nerve injury that results in numbness in the region. There are also additional complications that may emerge post-surgery. For instance, if the plantar fascia is released too much during the procedure, the arch of the foot might be reduced. In addition, some people still suffer from symptoms and pain related to Plantar Fasciitis after their surgery is performed. A sports medicine physician will be instrumental in determining the best course of treatment.  As they will be very familiar with Plantar Fasciitis treatment, they can acquaint you with the full range of treatment options outside of surgery.

This type of physician may describe options like anti-inflammatory medications, night splints, cortisone injections and shock wave therapy as examples of commonly used non-surgical options.

One extremely simple method of treating Plantar Fasciitis is to wear custom foot orthotics. Unlike over-the-counter-orthotics, custom foot orthotics are custom designed to fit each of the specific individual’s feet.  This presents many benefits:

  1. First, custom foot orthotics stabilize each foot, thanks to strategically built structure, they’re like cradles for your feet! And when the foot is stabilized and returns to its optimal alignment, the abnormal pull on the plantar fascia is relieved and can (finally) begin to heal. As the plantar fascia heals, the pain and inflammation begin to dissipate.  Sounds pretty good eh? Guess what, there’s even more….
  2. The support of the arch that a custom foot orthotic offers provides the exact amount of arch support each foot needs. When the arch is supported it creates the opportunity for the plantar fascia healing to begin.  A tired arch is a fast track  to Plantar Fascia pain.  A soothed arch is your best friend.
  3. Custom foot orthotics will absorb shock to the plantar fascia, cushioning the arch, feet (and heels) and, as a result, your entire body. This significantly reduces weight on the foot and restores the plantar fascia  and arch to a healthy and pain free condition.   This requires a cutout at the heel, to soften the orthotic and provide adequate cushioning.  Most off the shelf arch supports are not built like this.

Understandably, many people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis are able to make a complete recovery using custom foot orthotics.

Why procrastinate? If you have any suspicion you may have Plantar Fasciitis, seeking medical attention as soon as symptoms appear may spare you prolonged pain and a limitation of your activity? Sharp pain in the heel, particularly in the morning or after a period of rest, is one of the common symptoms you’d be wise to seek medical attention for.  It is always easier to solve a problem you catch early.  Remember, “A stitch in time
saves nine!”

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