Pain On and Off the Ice: Ice Hockey Shoulder Injuries

Hockey Shoulder InjuriesWith the hockey season in full swing, many of you are out there on a regular basis, hitting the ice as part of an organized league or just for some fun competition among friends. Ice hockey is a fantastic way to stay fit during the winter, and it offers many fitness benefits. However, it also comes with its own host of risks, not least of which are hockey shoulder injuries – often the result of contact injuries – and therefore unavoidable.

Check out this video from Health Choices First, Hockey & Shoulder Injuries. In it, physiotherapist Behnad Honarbakhsh discusses common hockey shoulder injuries. These typically include:

  • shoulder dislocation
  • fractured humerus
  • damaged collarbone or AC joint (often the result of being checked into the boards)

Depending on the severity of the injury, there are a number of different methods for treatment. These may include bracing for stability and to retain range of motion and avoid stiffness, kinesiotaping for stability and control, or physiotherapy to rehabilitate the injury to achieve normal functionality.

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