New Year, New You – Shape Up with these Fitness Training Rules

Fitness TrainingWe’ve all heard it: ‘New Year, New You’.  Such a common phrase at this time of the year! Setting a New Year’s resolution to get in shape is typical, but so is the swiftness with which resolutions are cast aside in exchange for a night on the couch or that indulgent dinner out.

Sure, we are all in favour of a New Year’s resolution that gets you motivated – but why should the date on the calendar be the arbitrary motivation? Why not use this often meaningless date (yes, we said it) to actually start something meaningful and great. If you really want to change something – change it! Don’t focus so much on the time of year as the paramount motivation for setting worthwhile goals.

That being said, if you’re determined to use the New Year as a stepping stone, we want to help! Here are our top 5 fitness training rules to get you motivated – and keep you motivated.

  1. Build your fitness training gradually. Don’t hit the gym hard right out of the gate – especially if your body isn’t used to it. Start off slowly to re-introduce your body to changes and new demands. Think tortoise and hare here: slow and steady wins the race.
  2. Eat before and after exercise. We all know that when you are trying to lose weight reducing your caloric intake is important. However, when you reduce it too much your energy level will suffer. If your fitness plan includes working out, make sure that you are eating before and after you hit the gym. Choose foods that are high in protein and slow-burning carbs pre-workout, and a small snack directly after working out to help with muscle growth.
  3. Change it up.  While finding your groove will help you shape a routine, it can also lead to boredom. If you are bored, you’ll be less motivated to continue. Switching your program will help keep things new and exciting – and it will also help you avoid the all-too-common progress plateau.
  4. Don’t forget to rest. Your body can’t be going 24/7 – it will eventually crash. Your body needs to rest to be able to rebuild itself, so try and adhere to the rule that at least one day a week should be an exercise-free day. Skipping the rest portion of your program may put you at higher risk for injury and slow your progress.
  5. Setting a plan and sticking with it sometimes isn’t enough – if you know that you are a sucker for temptation, why not get someone who can motivate you and keep you on track?  Get in touch with a fitness trainer who can help you establish markers along your fitness journey. These professionals can give you advice and guidance that are keys to success.

This New Year, don’t fall prey to the New Year’s resolution breakdown – stay motivated using these 5 fitness training rules to achieve the results you want. Good luck!

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