Need Weight Management after Summer Splurging – A Registered Dietician is the Answer

The summer, for most people, often involves a higher level of physical activity than the winter months. Sports such as volleyball or baseball, marathons and triathlons for the avid runner, or annual cycling events are all ways to stay in shape during the summer season. However, the summer also represents a time of indulgence in the form of food festivals like Summerlicious, Taste of the Danforth, or various Ribfests taking place all across the city.  Add – for good measure – cultural festivals like Caribana, Brazilfest or the Festival of South Asia, all of which offer up delicacies from around the world, and you’ve got a recipe for a load of over-eating.

So if you find yourself enjoying some worthwhile summer splurging, what better way to get back in shape and eating healthy again than with a registered dietician? Proper weight management involves far more than just adding in some random vegetables on days that you’re not frequenting a special food-related event.  A registered dietician can help you get things back under control.

How? Chances are pretty good that at least once in your life you’ve tried to lose weight and get fit on your own, right? We all know how tough it can be to get the ball rolling and shed unwanted pounds – but with the support and guidance of a professional registered dietician, (trained and experienced with helping people get fit and healthy), this task becomes a whole lot more manageable.

Do cookie-cutter approaches hold little appeal for you? A weight management system catered to your own individual wants, needs and goals will be far more effective than one meant to work for everyone (thereby working for very few). By taking into account your own schedule, budget, exercise and food preferences, a registered dietician will give you the tools you need for long-term success, avoiding unrealistic targets and advice.

What other kind of support is available from a registered dietician? Services such as nutrition counselling, weight management, grocery shopping tours, and nutrition education seminars are all important parts of any weight management plan. Having someone by your side every step of the way for motivation and support is a strategic way to achieve your weight-loss goal.

Don’t settle for “lettuce-only” type fad diets or unnecessarily rigorous exercise routines that make you a begrudging slave to the gym – these are impossible to stick to, and inevitably will mean nothing lost except your money. Get the right support and weight management guidance from a registered dietician and watch your goals materialize.

To find out more about weight management or to make an appointment with our registered dietician Stefanie Senior, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine by calling 416-800-0800.