MLB Season Open: Players Start with a Physiotherapy Assessment

Physiotherapy AssessmentBaseball fans get your gear ready; Major League Baseball is up and running next week and that means fans and players alike with be suiting up and heading out on the field to get back in the game. Professional players have been gearing up for weeks now during spring training and are ready to give each game their all.

Part of spring training for all players includes a pre-training assessment – and before players even think about lacing up those cleats they head in for a physiotherapy assessment. But just because you may not play at the same level as the pros, doesn’t mean that those guys are the only ones who should be taking advantage of this! If you are prepped and ready, you want to make sure your body is too.

Check out this great video from Health Choices First. In it, Physiotherapist Behnad Honarbakhsh talks about the importance of a pre-training physiotherapy assessment.

According to Mr. Honarbakhsh, “People can end up with chronic repetitive injuries that they didn’t have before they started, and all it took was a predisposing factor to be pushed a little bit further and bring up these issues. They can do a fitness assessment for you and figure out these things before they happen. You don’t have to be in pain to see a physiotherapist – just like you go to your dental hygienist to clean your teeth when you don’t have tooth pain, you can see a physiotherapist to find out if your wheels are aligned, if there is enough air in all tires, or if you’re functioning on a flat tire.???

Before heading out onto the field make sure that an injury isn’t likely to occur because of an unknown, underlying issue. A physiotherapy assessment can help rule out any issues and get you safely back in the game.

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