5 things you need to know about running injuries from your Toronto sports clinic

With the warm weather comes more opportunities for runners. Unfortunately, our Toronto sports clinic sees an increase in injuries associated with this popular sport too. Here’s 5 things you need to know about running as you start a new program.

Warming Up is Essential

There’s really no way around warming up and doing the proper stretches before starting. While most runners more than likely already know this, research tells us that up to 90% of these athletes miss time because of injury. Adopting a warm-up routine will help you stay healthy and active.

Understand you limits

If you ask professionals in the field, they will tell you that every runner has a threshold for injury. It could be 10 or 15 km a day or a lot higher, but when you exceed that you’ll often get injured. Stretching your limits is fine, but you need to be cautious about doing too much too quickly.

Be aware

At our Toronto sports clinic, we are always telling our patients the best way to avoid injury is listening to your body. It’s important to understand that if you don’t try and run through your pain, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of injuries. Keep in mind that many injuries start with a persistent ache. It’s best not to ignore these red flags.

Where you run matters

Of course there are many different things to consider when you are running. It’s important to work into your plans the fact that the side of the road is often slightly tilted. Because of this, your left foot might hit the ground at a lower slope than your right foot and lead to an injury that can sideline you. If it’s possible, it’s always better to run on a level surface.

Watch the speed!

There is a body of research that says speed work can also lead to injuries. Racing can have the same effect since it often requires a maximum effort. Keep in mind that most runners can attain their goals without needing to increase their pace dramatically too quickly.

At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, we want to make sure you get the very best in excellent sports injury treatment programs. We are the Toronto sports clinic that has top-notch experts on staff that can help you return to running as quickly as possible.