Knee Brace For Curling

Curling is sometimes viewed as a sport that is perhaps less strenuous than others. But if you curl, whether as a part of a competitive league or just for fun a couple of times a year, you know that curling is a great source of exercise, especially in the winter months when walking or summer sports may be less accessible. Just like any other sport, curling requires pre-game stretching. Also like other sports, curling can lead to injuries.

Common Curling Injuries

The most common curling injuries most often affect the knees, shoulders, and back. This is thanks to the bending and extra pressure placed on the leg, knee and knee joints. Stretching before a game is a good way to avoid knee joint pain, but if you find yourself suffering from the pain caused by a curling injury, read on for methods for dealing with this.

Combating Knee Joint Pain

One of the best strategies for combating knee joint pain from curling is through the use of a custom knee brace. Wearing a custom knee brace while curling will help stabilize your knee by distributing weight evenly, balancing out pressure places on the area. This strategy works to reduce the wear-and-tear that can cause knee joint pain.


Return to your favourite activities with a knee brace

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Custom vs Generic Knee Brace

Why go with a custom knee brace instead of a generic one? Having a custom knee brace made specifically for your body ensures that your unique brace addresses your individual knee joint pain issues. A generic knee brace cannot do this. Attending a sports injury clinic and having a custom knee brace made especially to your body‘s specifications, ensures your knee joint pain is properly addressed.

Whether you curl like those amazing participants in this year‘s Tim Horton‘s Brier, or just enjoy curling as a social pastime at the local rink, make sure that you are not ignoring knee joint pain: get fitted for a custom knee brace.


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