How Toronto Sports Medicine Specialists Can Get You Ready for the Toronto Triathlon

Celebrated as the ultimate challenge of human endurance and tenacity, the Toronto Triathlon Festival begins July 21st. Participants run, bike and swim their way through a uniquely urban course, including Toronto’s harbourfront, downtown highways, and the protected water basin of the West Channel of Ontario Place. With four different races to choose from – Olympic Distance, Sprint Distance, Olympic Distance Relay, or Sprint Distance Relay – this event offers a variety of ways for athletes to test themselves and compete against others.

So how can Toronto sports medicine specialists help you prepare for this grueling test of your abilities? In a number of ways.

Prep for the running: In order to prepare for the running portion of the triathlon, think about attending a running injury clinic hosted by a sports injury clinic to assess any underlying issues that may impede your performance. Or think about speaking with sports medicine specialists about getting fitted for custom foot orthotics.

Prep for the cycling: Make sure that your knees don’t suffer from the over 20-40kms trail through the downtown core, especially if you are suffering from a torn ACL. Sports medicine specialists can offer pain relief through rehabilitation exercises and by fitting you for a custom ACL knee brace to distribute weight evenly, while also supporting your knee.

Prep for the swimming: get your cardio in shape with fitness training with a sports medicine specialist. A customized exercise routine tailored to fit your lifestyle and goals can help ensure you keep your body moving in that cool water without losing your breath.

If you’re planning to participate in this or any other triathlon in the coming months, or if you simply want to get in shape or return to being active after a sports related injury, Toronto sports medicine specialists might be the route to take. Trained and experienced in specifically treating sports injuries, sports medicine specialists can help you deal with pains, strains and easing you back into top form. Fitness tests and fitness training can also evaluate your current fitness level and design a regimen targeting your goals.

To condition and prep for your summer triathlon event, for help simply getting in shape or for relief from a sports injury, find out how sports medicine specialists can help by contacting Athletic Edge Sports Medicine by calling 416-800-0800.