How to Treat Tennis Elbow with Shockwave Therapy

It can be caused by striking your elbow off the court or another traumatic event. However, our Toronto shockwave therapy experts find that tennis elbow is primarily an overuse injury.

Here’s some information that you’ll need to know about this common problem.

Putting a strain on the tendons in your elbow by constantly twisting is the major cause. If you hold your racket improperly or have other bad body mechanics, you can find yourself getting this nagging problem. If you use the wrong kind of racket that’s too heavy, issues can arise.


Tennis ElbowThere are a few simple things that you can do to prevent tennis elbow. These include:

• Keeping your arms straight when you are lifting things up. Bending your elbows to pick things up at work causes unnecessary stress on the elbow and tendons. Practice this technique at home as well.
• Finding the right exercise that strengthens the elbow and wrist is a good idea. Reducing the stress and strain on your elbow helps you to perform injury free on the court.
• Making sure your racket is the right size and weight is essential. Our Toronto shockwave therapy experts can help with the right information.
• Try different strokes during practice sessions to build up muscle balance. If you focus on one area too much, other muscles will weaken and this can lead to injury.

Like a lot of other sports, it’s important for you to stretch properly before you play. It is equally important to make sure to stretch after you’ve finished your game. When you practice stretching before you hit the court, you loosen up your muscles and tendons. Afterward, you release the tension that’s built up.

While tennis is an enjoyable game, you need to keep in mind that repetitive motion can cause injury. Although it’s a good idea to keep your eye on all the motions you use, the backhand is one of the bigger culprits for tennis elbow.

Return to your favourite activities faster with shockwave therapy treatment

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Shockwave therapy for tennis elbow

Unless you get the proper treatment in the form of Toronto shockwave therapy, this situation usually gets worse. We have a series of non-invasive treatments that will allow you to keep playing after one of these sports injuries. Our goal is always to help you stay active and pain-free.

One of the big advantages of this type of therapy is there’s no downtime afterward.

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