Hoop Stars on the Court – Beat Those Basketball Injuries

Basketball InjuriesThe NBA All-Star Game is coming up quickly and basketball fans everywhere are getting ready for basketball battle! AND, the Harlem Globetrotters are heading to Hamilton later this week so basketball fans can be treated two great events this February to get their b-ball fix!

And if you’re a basketball player yourself, on the court on a regular basis, you may also be aware of Achilles tendinitis- a common overuse injury for b-ballers, no matter the level of skill. The constant or repetitive pushing-off, stop-and-go movement, or twisting that is necessary in basketball can wreak havoc on the tendons in the calf. Achilles tendinitis is an injury of the Achilles tendon, which is the band of tissue which connects the muscles in the back of the calf to the heel bone. Tendonitis actually means inflammation of the tendon, caused by the overuse of muscles.

Overuse can cause the muscles to tighten, thereby irritating the tendon, leading to inflammation and pain. Additionally, the pain from Achilles tendon issues is often caused by tiny tears in the tissue in and around the tendon – this is actually called Achilles tendinosis, but as an umbrella-term is most commonly referred to as tendinitis.

If you suffer from Achilles tendinitis, the worst thing that you can do is ignore the injury. Playing through the pain will often only make the pain and the condition worse, which in turn lengthens and complicates treatment. Seeking out advice and professional treatment is crucial to returning to the court and resuming peak-play status.

What might this treatment include?

Custom Knee Braces – A custom knee brace is one of the most common go-to forms of Achilles tendinitis treatments. Rather than a generic brace where one-size-never-fits-all, a custom brace made to fit your body will be light-weight and comfortable, thereby allowing you to continue playing uninhibited while still keeping the knee stable and supported.

Custom Orthotics – Having custom orthotics made to specifically fit you can significantly reduce the stress placed on your calf muscles and help to reduce the pain of Achilles tendinitis. Coupled with a computerized gait analysis to assess your issues and pain, custom foot orthotics (as well as the proper shoes) can make a huge difference.

Physiotherapy – A physiotherapy program can accomplish a number of important goals when it comes to Achilles tendinitis including healing the injury, restoring function, improving movement and increasing strength and flexibility. Typical forms of physiotherapy to treat your pain may include acupuncture, manual therapy or strength and conditioning work.

This season, stay on the court and rid yourself of the pain caused by Achilles tendinitis. For more information contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine by calling 1 (416) 800-0800 or visit us online at www.aesmphysiotherapytoronto.ca.