Get Ready for the 2013 Canadian Running Series Foundation Charity Challenge with Active Release Technique Therapy

Sunday April 21st marks the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Running Series Foundation Charity Challenge, supporting such charities as the Canadian Cancer Foundation, the Asperger’s Society of Ontario and Kids Up Front. This 10km run attracts participants from across the province that competes for their favourite charity, many of them dressing up as part of the costume contest. You’d better get ready!

Whether you’re a runner who competes in marathons on a regular basis or just like to take a quick jog around the park every day, you know that running can sometimes lead to injuries that put pressure on your body and make your routine uncomfortable. Even worse, if left untreated, such aches, pains, sprains and strains can end up taking you out of commission for extended periods of time. If these minor injuries are keeping you off of the track, it might be time to get some relief.

Active Release Technique therapy is a specialized form of massage therapy that uses advanced massage techniques to treat a number of sports related (and even some un-related) aches and pains. It is a soft tissue system/movement based technique of massage that works to treat problems associated with muscles, ligaments and nerves. Headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder and back pain and knee problems are just some of the conditions that Active Release Technique can treat. This form of therapy can also help you deal with issues such as weakness in your muscles and an inhibited range of motion, which, although perhaps not painful, can make your run less enjoyable as it can restrict you.

So how does Active Release therapy work? Using over 500 unique movements, your trained massage therapist will work with you to deal with the pain caused by overuse or a sports injury. Using different motions, and applying hand pressure to the affected areas, your massage therapist will work to remove or break up the fibrous adhesions that can tighten muscles and increase blood flow and release trapped nerves. Together, this will help increase movement and ease pain caused by overuse or other sports related injuries.

Remember: a running injury clinic at a sports therapy clinic is also a smart way to avoid these injuries before they occur. Having a pre-season assessment done will help notify you of problem areas and how to deal with them. Running can be hard on your body, and so prep is just as important as treatment.

If you’re getting ready to run in the CRS Charity Challenge, or just want to get some relief from your sports related aches and pains, visiting a sports therapy clinic for an Active Release Technique massage could be the solution.

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