Get Ready for A Midsummer Night’s Run with a Running Injury Clinic

On August 17th, Toronto’s annual A Midsummer Night’s Run will kick off in support of the SickKids Foundation. This 5km/15km/30km walk/run takes place along Toronto’s East End trails and along the shores of Lake Ontario, in a non-competitive, family friendly event that raises money for a great cause. But what if you have suffered a running injury? You’re obviously not going to lace up and head out, right? Wrong! Treat that running injury in time by attending a running injury clinic.

A running injury clinic takes place at a sports injury clinic and involves a complex and in-depth analysis of your injury, followed by the creation of a customized treatment plan to address all aspects of your injury.

Your first meeting with a sports medicine specialist will include a detailed assessment of your injury. This is to best determine the source of injury (crucial in determining the best route for treatment). A running shoe analysis, a treadmill running assessment and a biomedical assessment with one of our chiropractors are also an important part of this initial assessment.

A computerized gait analysis will also offer the running injury clinic essential information about how you need to be treated. A computerized gait analysis, conducted by a trained and registered podiatrist, evaluates any abnormal foot function, which allows our team to get a more advanced reading of foot motion.  The more accurate the diagnosis, the better the treatment plan, which results in a better outcome.

After your running injury clinic assessment is complete, these physicians will take all of this information and use it to create a customized treatment plan focused on your own individual case. This treatment may include custom foot orthotics or shockwave therapy. It may also involve an exercise routine which will help to strengthen the muscles in the foot, increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

Whether you plan on participating in A Midsummer Night’s Run, or just want to deal with the pain sustained from a running injury, the professionals at a sports medicine clinic’s running injury clinic can help you better understand the cause of the pain and help you deal with it.

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