Get Back on the Track: Dealing with Runner’s Knee

Runners KneeApril often means an enthusiastic return to the outdoor track or neighborhood forest trail. But if you suffer from patello femoral pain syndrome (PFPS), also more commonly known as runner’s knee, then April may not excite you the way it should.

What is PFPS? This term simply refers to pain in, and around, the kneecap. This pain may be accompanied by swelling of the knee, as well as a sensation that the knee wants to give-way when running or walking. Although the actual cause of PFPS is unknown, the pain is often the result of irritated cartilage around the knee. This pain is typically made worse by long periods of inactivity, or by running uphill (which puts extra pressure on the knee).

If you have knee-pain but are unsure of the cause, the condition, or the various treatment options, here’s a great video from Health Choices First: “Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome.??? In it, Dr. Larissa Roux discusses some of the symptoms of PFPS, as well as some of the various options for treatment and relief.

If you’re suffering from runner’s knee, don’t assume that staying off the track is going to fix the problem. As the video mentions, rehabilitation is one of the best ways to get your knee back in shape. For more information, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 1-416-800-0800.