FIFA 2014: Update and Soccer Injuries So Far

FIFA 2014The World Cup is officially underway and so far the games have been super exciting. From Algeria’s first goal in 28 years, to Guillermo Ochoa’s wonder save against Neymar, to Portugal’s nail-biter goal in the final seconds of their game against the US, FIFA fans worldwide have not been disappointed!

Opening week was off to a blazing start with 16 matches and 49 goals, or 3.06 goals per game (the highest average in 44 years)! Since then we have seen teams both conquer the pitch and the odds and collapse under the pressure. So far a number of teams have been knocked out of the finals, including the reigning defenders Spain, but still more will see a sad end before the tournament is over.

With the victories and defeats we have also seen a wide array of minor and major soccer injuries, some that have been treated and others that have meant a heartbreaking end at the World Cup for some players. Anyone who plays the game knows that common soccer injuries, such as tendinitis, torn ligaments, or various ankle injuries, can quickly ruin a player’s game, and the boys in Brazil are all too familiar with the results.

If you’ve been out celebrating World Cup by playing, but have found yourself in the same painful position as some of the FIFA players, suffering from one of the common soccer injuries, seek treatment right away to avoid long term impacts to your own game.

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