FIFA 2014 Injuries: Bastian Schweinsteiger’s Tendonitis of the Knee

Knee Tendonitis TreatmentTendonitis of the knee is one of the most common soccer injuries, thanks in part to the rapid movement on the pitch and the constant overuse of the muscles and tendons surrounding the knee, and those individuals participating in this year’s FIFA 2014 are no strangers to this condition. Across the board teams are dealing with pre-tournament injuries leading to roster changes, as well as post-game treatments and assessments, Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger once such patient.

After suffering a knee injury during Germany’s pre-tournament training camp, and struggling with tendonitis of the knee, Bastian Schweinsteiger was cleared by FIFA’s prior to the 4-0 victory over Portugal on the 16th. Schweinsteiger seems to be recovering well, performing admirably during the final 20 minutes of the game against Ghana, even in the face of the looming (and eventual) loss.

What might Schweinsteiger’s symptoms and treatment include? Both vary, but typical knee tendonitis symptoms include inflammation, pain, and the loss of flexibility in the knee. Treatment might involve rest and icing, bracing, or massage and physical therapy. All of these, or a combination of them can greatly reduce the risk of long term impacts.

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