Feeling the Winter Blues Already? How Athletic Therapy Can Help You Prep for Winter Activity

Athletic Therapy & Treatments TorontoWith November in full swing and the long winter months spread out ahead of us, what a perfect time to talk about winter activity and how athletic therapy can help prep you for the season! Inactivity during the cold winter months is never a smart option, but neither is heading out and pretending it is June.  Being ready to beat the winter blues is crucial if you want to stay emotionally and physically pain free over the winter.

One of the most common complaints individuals have through winter months revolves around the weather’s effect on osteoarthritis. If you have osteoarthritis of the knee you know what the cold can do to heighten this condition, so why not deal with the pain? An effective method for treatment of osteoarthritis is to attend a sports medicine clinic that offers treatment specific to this condition. This may include physiotherapy, viscosupplementation or custom knee bracing, either in combination or separately. These can help to reduce pain and increase movement in the knee, making winter activity a breeze.

What about running? You can’t run in the winter the same as you would in July, so make sure you adjust to the change in environment with proper equipment, training and routine. If you have sustained a running injury and are thinking about taking the winter off to recoup, you might want to reconsider, as a period of prolonged inactivity may lead to further injury come spring. Treat your running injury and get back out on that snow-frosted track by attending a running injury clinic at a sports medicine clinic. This will help to identify the root cause of your pain and devise a plan for treatment.

Athletic therapy is not just for prepping your body either. Winter sports can also lead to injury: think hockey, figure skating, lacrosse, etc. Any sports related injury needs to be treated properly – so seeking out individualized treatment catered to your specific injury is the best way to ensure that your recovery is effective and safe.

Don’t let winter chain you to the couch. Head to a sports medicine clinic today to seek treatment for winter aches and pains or to find out the best way to exercise over the winter months. Keep active and pain free with athletic therapy!

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