Don’t Let Sports Sprains and Strains Ruin Your Ultimate Frisbee Game

As the last vestiges of winter finally melt away, many of us are ready for those warm days outside enjoying out favourite sports. If you are an ultimate frisbee player, spring signals you‘re the move from indoor arenas to outside onto the field. A game that combines different elements of football, soccer and basketball, ultimate frisbee continues to grow in popularity, with leagues in every major city in the country!

But no matter the season, ultimate frisbee can lead to some painful sprains and strains that can bench even the best players. Rather than putting up with aches and pains or letting them keep you from participating, head to a sports injury clinic and address related problems before the warm weather hits!

What kinds of sprains and strains are we talking about? Like any sport, ultimate frisbee contains a level of risk as far as injuries. The combination of running flat-out and sometimes unavoidable contact can lead to sprains and strains on various parts of the body. The most common are ankle and knee sprains. Either of these can take you off of the field for an extended period of time. After all, if you can‘t run, you are probably not going to be much help to anyone on the team!

Sprains and strains to the ankle and knee can vary in severity, so it stands to reason the intensity of treatment also varies. Ignoring injuries like these is a very bad idea – and could leave you as a permanent fixture on the sidelines. A sports injury clinic that caters to sports related injuries can assess each individual injury as need be and recommend the best treatment plan to get you back on the field as soon as possible.

What types of treatment does a sports injury clinic use to treat sprains and strains? If the sprain is in the knee for example, a custom brace can work to stabilize the knee, balancing out the weight and reducing the stress on the knee joint and area. This can make it much easier to compete and help keep further injuries at bay.

Other common injuries as a result of ultimate frisbee include torn ACL‘s. If you are running, pivoting and diving to catch the frisbee you are vulnerable to tearing your ACL. A sports injury clinic can deal with these injuries too. Using various massage techniques a physical therapist can reduce the swelling and inflammation from a minor injury and reduce the pain, getting you back out on the field in no time.

If you play ultimate frisbee but find yourself suffering from sprains and strains or any sports related injury as a result, visit a sports injury clinic for an assessment and treatment, customized to meet your individual needs. Professional expertise can restore you to your normal level of activity by reducing and managing your injury/pain.

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