Dealing with ‘The Golf Swing Injury’

Golf SwingAvid golfers and weekend players alike often deal with pain after a day on the course. This can be a result of numerous factors, many of which are related to your stance and swing. Check out this video from Health Choices First. In it, physiotherapist Johnny Yiu discusses how asymmetry in the golf swing can result in injury.

Here is the link:

As Yiu demonstrates, hip injuries due to imbalances with the golf swing are very common, as is pelvic misalignment. Working to reduce the strain on muscles with proper techniques can greatly reduce your chance of injury on the green.

Other tips to help prevent an injury: an adequate warm-up before heading on the course, including stretches to warm up the muscles and lubricate the joints, can greatly decrease risk.

Another great way to prevent injury is to visit a clinic that offers golf injury prevention. Here you will be able to have your swing and equipment assessed to ensure proper technique. This can also go a long way as far as improving your swing, and therefore your game, overall.

Already suffering from the golf swing injury that is keeping you from the course? Contact a sports medicine clinic and speak with a physiotherapist about the various treatment options to get some relief.

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