Body Feeling Off-Balance? Try Yoga Therapy

Yoga TherapyIf you’re feeling a bit off-balance, or are dealing with the grip of aches and pains due to some kind of sports related over-exertion, it can be difficult to find some release. Often people opt for invasive treatments that can put them out of commission for extended periods of time. Others choose to refrain from participating indefinitely – or at least until the pain recedes or disappears. But when you suffer from sports-related pain, why just accept defeat? Especially when there are viable, affordable and reputable options that you can help you find relief. One such renowned treatment is yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy is a well-established treatment that not only helps to keep the body in good shape, it can also help to re-establish your equilibrium and bring much needed relief to both acute and chronic pain.

How? The aim of yoga therapy is to create harmony between the mental and physical. Different positions promote balance, as well as restore symmetry. Breathing techniques help to center the mind as well as to oxygenate muscle tissue and can actually massage organs. Together these work to relax your system and help with concentration and energy.

Think yoga is just a fad? Think again. This ancient and proven exercise of the body and mind has many benefits that go beyond just staying in shape. There is good reason yoga has been celebrated for so long. When done properly, yoga therapy can be extremely valuable in returning the body to its natural, balanced state, and can help to address a number of different ailments.

Here are just a few of the different issues that can be helped through yoga therapy:

–        Asthma
–        Arthritis
–        Insomnia
–        Stress
–        Athletic injuries, such as those from asymmetrical sports, overuse injuries, or repetitive injuries
–        Fatigue
–        Depression

Whether you choose yoga in a group setting, or a have a unique routine designed to fit your schedule, goals and fitness level, investing in a professional assessment ensures you to get the most from this exercise. Yoga can be done pretty much anywhere you have a little space to stretch out. Once you learn how to properly maintain specific postures and regulate your breathing correctly, the option to do it on a mat at the gym – or even in your own living room –  holds great practical appeal.

Stop suffering from needless aches and pains – there is a way to help alleviate them. Embrace yoga therapy as great way to re-establish your body’s balance and energy. For more about yoga therapy, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine today at 1-416-800-0800.