Benefits of Massage Therapy for a Sports Injury

Sports Injury Massage TherapyAs any athlete will tell you, no matter your level of play, physical exertion can take a toll on the body in a number of different ways. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a rower, or a member of any type of sports team, you know that staying in shape, although critical, can sometimes have some adverse results. This is doubly true when it comes to a sports injury. Anything that takes you from your favourite sport can bring you down – but there are some easy things to do to help deal with the pain – one of the best being massage therapy.

We have all heard about the benefits of massage therapy- but do you actually know what they are? Not only does massage therapy help to keep the body in generally better health, it can significantly improve function and help prevent injury.

Benefits of massage therapy:

Increased tissue permeability – a deep tissue massage can help pores in tissue membranes to open up, allowing fluids and nutrients to better pass through. This helps to remove waste (lactic acid) and encourages the muscles to better absorb oxygen, leading to quicker recovery.

Stretching – massage therapy is a great way to stretch the muscle fibres that can’t be stretched in the usual way, both lengthways as well as sideways. It can also release tension and reduce pressure by stretching the fascia that surrounds the muscle.

Break down scar tissue – previous injuries or trauma can cause scar tissue to build up, leading to inflexibility or pain. Massage therapy can help to break that down, improving symptoms and flexibility.

Improve tissue elasticity – intense training can often lead to hardened tissues or inelasticity, making improvement difficult no matter how much you train. Stretching can help loosen up those tissues and help you get back on track.

Pain reduction – once an injury has been sustained, massage therapy can significantly reduce the pain and discomfort (depending on the injury) by reducing tension and helping the body to release endorphins.

Relaxation and stress relief – a sports injury can not only impact your body physically, but mentally as well, and massage therapy can help, by generating heat, to induce relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Whether you are looking to deal with a sports injury, to help prevent one, or just to help your body maintain strength and well-being, the benefits of massage therapy are numerous. Even better, receiving massage treatment at a sports injury clinic can help to ensure that the proper diagnosis and treatment, catered to your specific sports injury, is administered perfectly.

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