Beach Season: Weight Management Tips for a Bikini-Ready Bod

Weight Management TipsWith the arrival of beach-season comes the return of shorts, tanks, bathing suits, and the good, old fashioned beach-cool-down! For some, this is never a big deal, but if you feel self-conscious and unhappy in this season’s more revealing wardrobe pieces because of a few extra pounds and an un-toned body, here are some useful – and effective – weight management tips. These will help get you ready to step into the sand with confidence!

Firstly, stay away from crash diets! It is the beginning of May, so even though you feel tempted to rush losing those extra pounds by a steady diet of water and broccoli for the next month – this is a horrible idea! No one can realistically maintain a diet of minimal calories and limited food selection for a long period of time, nor does this kind of eating make one super unhealthy. A month-long diet of salad followed by the return of regular meals can only result in inevitable weight-gain.  So trash the meal-skipping, food-eliminating fast route!

Now let’s talk about exercise, which always seems like common sense, but SO many dread or avoid it! For starters, a beach-ready body without exercise is going to be pretty tough to obtain.  A regular exercise regimen will not only rev-up the calorie burning process but can boost your metabolism for hours post-workout too.  A simple 30-60 minute evening walk or visits to the  gym a few days a week, can do wonders.  Better still is enlisting the expertise of a fitness trainer to not only totally motivate you but also develop an exercise plan – even one you can do in your own living room! Staying active is a crucial part of weight management – so pump it up.

Ramp up your H2O intake. Your body needs water to process calories, so being even mildly dehydrated can cause your metabolism to slow right down. Water also helps to flush out your system, which is always a bonus. Try snacking on fruits and veggies which contain a lot of water and can help you stay hydrated as well.

Visit a registered dietician for nutrition counseling and a dose of motivation. Many know that staying motivated is often one of the hardest parts about weight management, so the support, encouragement and guidance of a registered dietician – one who can help you develop a healthy meal plan and exercise program – can make a world of difference. Watch how a catered program that meets your individual needs, goals and lifestyle, produces results far sooner and for much longer.

With bikini season here, take these tips to the beach, get back in shape the healthy way and for the long haul! For more about weight management or to speak with our registered dietician, Stefanie Senior, call Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 1-416-800-0800.