Back in the Game: Treating Pain with Sonocur Shockwave Therapy

Sonocur Shockwave TherapyWhen we suffer from pain, no matter the source or location, often our immediate solution is to stop taking part in physical activity. If pain makes your favourite sport unenjoyable, stopping all together is a sad but all too common choice made by many of us. On the other hand, some of us decide to play through the pain, not seeking treatment until things have gone far past bad – which isn’t always the best decision either. Instead of ignoring the pain or foregoing your favourite pastime, perhaps it is time to think about an alternative solution to treating the pain: Sonocur shockwave therapy.

What is shockwave therapy? A non-invasive yet highly effective form of treatment, during Sonocur shockwave therapy treatments, high-intensity sound waves are sent into the tissues of the impacted area of the body. It won’t cause tendon damage and there is no downtime following treatment – you don’t need to take time off work or sit on the bench for an extended period of time. Shockwave therapy is conducted by a medical professional (a physiotherapist or chiropractor most often), trained in applying this form of treatment to achieve maximum results. The number of treatments will depend on your unique situation, following a thorough assessment of your individual injury.

What are the benefits? This type of therapy has a number of different positives, including helping to increase metabolic activity, accelerating new blood vessel growth and scar tissue breakdown, decreasing inflammation, stimulating the reabsorption of calcium deposits in tendons and stimulating the natural healing process of the body. Together, this all works to greatly reduce pain.

Sonocur Shockwave therapy has been shown to assist in the treatment of a number of different ailments, many of which are quite painful and can keep you from your favourite sport for a lengthy period of time, if not indefinitely. Included in this list are:

• Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis)
• Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
• Biceps Tendonitis
• Jumper’s Knee (patellar tendonitis)
• Runner’s Knee (iliotibial band syndrome)
• Quadriceps tendonitis
• Achilles Tendonitis
• Plantar Fasciitis and others

If you are suffering from any one of these ailments, Sonocur shockwave therapy may just be the treatment that affords you real relief. As a non-invasive method with little to no downtime, it can be an effective means to getting back on the field without pain holding you back.

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