Are Sports Therapy Clinics Only Used When An Injury Has Occurred?

It’s interesting to note how people often take better care of the things they own than they do their bodies.  Take cars for example.  Frequently, owners make faithful priority of their car maintenance:  scheduling oil changes, tire rotations even detailing and car washes, with fluids all topped up to boot.  So why is it people often wait until they’re njured to visit sports therapy clinics?  That’s like waiting until you have engine trouble before visiting your mechanic for a tune up! The truth is, people are creatures of habit and are often reactive rather than proactive.  It often takes an injury, trauma or condition that can no longer be tolerated to prompt a person to seek treatment.  But what many fail to realize is that listening to the body and early symptoms, a problem can easily be solved.  The alternative is waiting until the condition becomes unbearable, and why on earth would you ever choose to do that?!

Whether you’re an athlete or non-athlete, there are simple things you can be doing to prevent injury or worsening existing conditions, and such steps often involve the services of sports therapy clinics.  You will find they not only treat the injured but also offer preventative medicine and treatment for conditions that aren’t injury related.  What seems like innocuous pain or inflammation that begins in the absence of an injury, may in fact be an indication of an underlying condition that could use a little attention now (rather than a dramatic rescue later).

Conditions like osteoarthritis come from the breaking down of joint cartilage. Since cartilage can’t heal itself, treatment at the first signs of osteoarthritis is time well spent.  Many people mistakenly chalk osteoarthritis up to a simple case of the body growing older.  But what may seem like an innocent grinding sensation of the knee joint, may actually be an indication of osteoarthritis, and if left untreated, could worsen and evolve into a condition needing surgery.

Both the aging population and athletes are common sufferers of osteoarthritis.  The really good news is: osteoarthritis can be avoided. Sports therapy clinics can provide preventative education. Physiotherapists can help athletes reduce their odds of developing osteoarthritis.  Again, like avoiding engine problems by keeping your car’s oil clean and engine working parts tuned, athletes can care for their bodies, preventing conditions or injuries, by utilizing services found at sports therapy clinics.

Sports therapy clinic professionals can also help prevent injuries to bones, tendons and ligaments. Their specialized attention goes beyond that normally found at traditional physiotherapy clinics or at a family doctor.

Sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, registered dieticians, sport psychologists, orthopaedic surgeons, and other professionals are commonly found “under one roof”.  When you visit a respectable sports therapy clinic you should find all of these professionals in one place and within the time frame you require treatment.

What’s more, professionals at a sports therapy clinic will work together on your condition, injury, lifestyle or athletic challenges and work interactively with you to come up with a customized, realistic and successful treatment plan.

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