#1 New Year’s Resolution: Getting in Shape

New Year’s Resolution

With the winter in full swing, it can be easy to opt for a cozy day spent on the couch with hot chocolate versus spending time outside exercising. However, the advantages of regular exercise are just too great to ignore in exchange for small creature comforts. We are not saying that you need to spend the entire winter out of doors, but regular exercise is known to have a great many benefits: reduced risk for heart disease, lower blood pressure, and many other benefits.

Knowing how tough this can be, we’ve compiled some tips to help get you on your way to getting in shape over the long winter months.

Change your perspective – one of the hardest parts about exercising during the winter is getting over that “but it’s so cold outside??? hump. Sure, it may not be 25 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the weather. If you just think about it differently, winter can offer a wide array of activities that might just surprise you. For example, instead of thinking about a walk in the cold, think about how gorgeous the winter scenery is, or how refreshing it is not to be sweating through your shirt the first moment you step out the door.

Set a goal. When you’ve set a goal, this can greatly increase your chances of following through with your getting in shape plans. Developing a strategy for regular activity, and then setting small goals throughout the week/month, can really help to motivate and get you excited about your progress.

Try something new. For many of us, the thought of heading out into the snow invokes not so fond memories of frostbite and frozen toes. But maybe this is just a result of the activities you were taking part in. Try something new, such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing or curling. These can offer a fun and exciting change from the norm – and help you stay pumped.

Dress for the occasion. The other major player in the fight to forego winter activities is the fact that many of us prefer not to have to brave the cold – being brave innately requires some sort of sacrifice, and in this case that sacrifice is usually the toasty warm fire and some slippers. When prepping for cold day exercise, dress accordingly and you might be surprised just how warm you remain. The usual players (hat, mitts, winter boots) all play a role, but also consider the activity and how much exertion is required – too many layers and you’ll sweat, too few and you’ll freeze. Also, make sure to wear clothing made of synthetic materials that will not retain the moisture and or leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Getting in shape and staying active in the winter can require a bit more thought and effort when compared to the summer months – but the pay-off is worth it. Just use these tips to help start you off and get back in shape for the New Year.

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