Toronto Stem Cell Injections for Sports Injuries

Although research into Toronto stem cell injections for sports injuries is a recent field, it shows outstanding promise. At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine (AESM), we are always proud of being on the cutting edge of comprehensive sports injury treatment programs.

We have a well rounded team of physiotherapists, team physicians, personal therapists as well has a host of other professionals. Our experts are all well versed in how stem cell injections can help.

Here at AESM, we understand how this latest innovation can help speed healing, reduce pain and scarring.

What they are

Stem cells are an important part of our sports injury treatment packages for several reasons. They can make copies or replicate themselves and even become other types of cells.

What we can do with them

These stem cell injections show promise for treating a variety of sports injuries. Our research tells us bone injuries are at the top of that list. We can treat athletes that have suffered a fracture as a result of a collision or accident on the court or rink.

The Toronto stem cell injections for sports injuries we promote are also excellent for stress fractures that have developed over a period of time. Shin splints as well as bone problems with the foot are also common issues we can treat.

Other kinds of sports injuries

These injections are also helpful for other kinds of sports injuries including soft tissue as well as joint problems. Stem cell injections are also able to speed recovery for injuries that don’t historically respond well to other treatments. These include ligament and tendon injuries as well as cartilage problems and repeated concussions.

Here at AESM, we pride ourselves on using all of the latest innovations in sports injury medicine. We pride ourselves on tailor-making each and every treatment program to fit the specific needs of our individual clients

Take control over osteoarthritis

Our clients can also take control over osteoarthritis with the innovative stem cell injections we offer. It’s important that each and every one of our patients gets the treatment program that will help them stay in the game for as long as possible.

In most cases, the best stem cells that will speed recovery are injected or administered intravenously. The trends in this type of treatment are excellent and encouraging. Have you suffered a sports injury and are looking to stay in the game or recover and jump back in? Our Toronto stem cell injections for sports injuries services can help.


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