Dear Dr. Lum and staff,
I’d like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the ongoing compassionate and professional care for the past several years.
I also would like to express my deepest appreciation to you, Sandy, Helen and medical receptionists for their care during my last visit on Thursday, July 12th. I truly appreciate and value your team’s holistic approach that is client-focused. One that recognizes the importance of a warm smile and compassionate approach. I am so fortunate to be a client of yours.
Thank you.

Shahin Oudji

Review Edge

This was the first time I’d gone to a dietician and didn’t know what to expect. I was under the impression I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle but knew there was room for improvement. I quickly learned there was a lot of opportunities to change for the better, as I admittedly did not have a great understanding of how certain foods would impact my diet. I was able to start changing my eating habits instantly thanks to all the support and information from Nadine. I’d highly recommend her services to everyone, as it can benefit all, no matter what end of the healthy eating spectrum you’re on. Thanks for all your help! I’ll continue to use your services for myself and my family have already greatly benefited!


Dear Dr. Grant Lum,

I am writing this to you to say thank you. I appreciate your serious approach towards solving my health problem (today I came with wrist problem in your clinic). This problem has driven me into depression and feeling of helplessness since 2-3 years. Now I feel that I am finally at the safe hands. Have a wonderful day!


Dear Grant,

As you know, I have been a client of AESM since April 2011. Thanks to you, I was able to have surgery in November to repair a badly torn rotator cuff. Since Christmas, I have been attending for treatment with Lawrence Yu three times a week. He is an excellent therapist and I am grateful for his care. Over the past year, I have also had the good fortune to receive care from other practitioners at AESM, including Kim Jelly, Phil Edwards, Dr. Rosty Serebryany and Dr. Devon Ackroyd. The quality of care I have received from all these professionals has been nothing less than exceptional, and I am truly grateful for the quality care I have received.

The real purpose of my letter is to acknowledge the efforts, attention and client service provided by your administrative staff. Christine, Jolene, and Ashley are an awesome team. I am consistently greeted with a warm, friendly and sincere welcome, with each of my visits to AESM. I know from my colleagues at IIROC, I am not receiving any special attention, only the same attention they give to every client. Christine, Jolene and Ashley are the face of AESM and do an outstanding job of welcoming new and repeat clients.

I wanted to share with you how very grateful I am, and how they have made a significant contribution to my overall experience as an AESM client.

Warm Regards,
Doug Cope

Dear Grant – I had been struggling with that subluxed SI pain/stiffness function for almost a year. Like a truly awful patient, I asked all my colleagues/friends to help me fix it and you did it in 15 minutes what a whole army of family, docs etc. couldn’t in that year!

I am deeply grateful for your help today and have utmost respect for your wealth of knowledge outside of the usual scope of sports medicine. I just can’t believe how long it has been since my back has been pain-free! It’s wonderful.

Many, many, many thanks and kindest regards always,
Sabrina Akhtar

Dear Grant,

Jacqueries was a risky show, and it ended up a big success with critics and audiences. I wanted to say thanks for seeing me so quickly during the run and helping me get though the rest of it.

So from the entire cast, crew, and extended family of Jacqueries, thanks for helping us bring this crazy endeavour to life. We couldn’t have done it without you.

XO Jake
Jacob Niedzwiecki is a choreographer, filmmaker, and creative technologist. Jason performed with the National Ballet of Canada for several years before leaving the company to focus on his work as a creator. Click here for more about our Performing Arts Therapy Program.

Dear Dr. Grant Lum and Dr. Rambihar:

I would like to let you know that the level of care I have received from both Dr. Grant Lum and Dr. Rambihar has been excellent and thorough. I will highly recommend you guys to anybody looking for a sports medicine doctor or for an orthopedic surgeon.

Justin Davis

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I sincerely appreciate my physiotherapist’s (Michelle DeYoung) exceptional job on the road to recovery. She went above and beyond what a physical therapist would do for a patient. Her kindness, care and motivation were the determining factors that enabled me to walk again , sooner that I could have expected. I have been totally amazed and impressed with the quality of care that I have received from her.

When I first came to her I had a very obvious limping and I couldn’t walk without cane because of right medial meniscal tearing for which I was suffering for more than two months. My range of motion was completely limited and I had a very severe stiffness and a large effusion and I was taking Naproxen twice a day. I couldn’t even lift my baby at home.

I am forever grateful for her expertise. Her hard work and her excellent assistance for my recovery. I feel so lucky to have gotten Michelle as my physiotherapist.

Soudeh Taghdiri

In February of 2009 I was referred to Dr. Lum. I was in constant pain from an old knee injury that I had made worse by working long hours on my feet. Taking super strength Entrophen (650 mg) six to eight times a day is not a good way of life. Physio was bringing temporary relief, but the pain and swelling kept returning.

Dr. Lum advised a fitted brace-orthotics and physio which gave me very few simple exercised to help my leg. After a year of wearing my brace when working, I am now down to two Entrophen a day, walking straighter and life overall is much better.

Thank you Dr. Lum.
Connie Skinner


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