Osteopathic Manual Treatment Toronto

Osteopathic Manual TreatmentThe Art and Science of Osteopathic Manual Treatment

Alternative Medicine to Get You Back in Your Game

Osteopathic manual treatment is a type of alternative and natural therapy that is effective in treating many sources of pain while restoring your body’s natural balance and equilibrium.

What Osteopathic Manual Treatment Can Do for You?

  • Restore balance
  • Reduce pain
  • Speed Natural Healing


Based on your individual needs, Osteopathic Manual treatment may be recommended to you as part of your treatment program. If you would like more information about Osteopathy Toronto, do not hesitate to ask your AESM physician. We are more than happy to help you evaluate all of your options, and to recommend a program that will help you get back to doing the activity that you love.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner will utilize palpation to promote and enhance your body’s natural restorative and healing ability. Palpation involves touching and assessing tissue damage, in terms of deterioration and loss of mobility. Once your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner has determined which tissues require immediate attention, we will create a program to address your specific needs.

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