Post-Op Bracing, Shoulder Abduction Pillows and Cryo Cuff Units

Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm Fit Sling

Shoulder Abduction Pillow With Firm Fit SlingThe Corflex Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm Fit Sling is prescribed post operatively for surgeries such as shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repairs, Bankart repairs, shoulder separations and dislocations. The post-op Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm Fit Sling allows for easy application, and will provide secure immobilization, and maximum comfort for short or long term use.

This product is available is sizes: small, medium, large and x-large


Corflex Post-Op Knee Immobilizer with Ice Packs

Corflex Post-Op Knee ImmobilizerThe Corflex Knee Immobilizer provides compression and immobilization for post operative knee surgeries, and will ensure maximum patient comfort.

  • This product has interior pockets to hold gel ice packs (gel packs included with this brace)
  • Movable medical/lateral stay with elastic compression straps for secure immobilization
  • Sewn-in contoured posterior stays

This product is available in sizes: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24


Cryo Cuff Unit

Cryo Cuff UnitThe Cryo/Cuff unit combines the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression and cold to help reduce swelling and to minimize pain. The Cryo/Cuff is recommend for trauma, post-op surgeries, rehabilitation and is available for the shoulder, knee, foot and arm.

The Cryo/Cuff IC includes a pneumatic pump within the cooler lid and provides continuous cold by mixing chilled water within the cuff. The unit maintains pressure to prevent hemarthrosis by pulsating 30 seconds on/off and eliminates the need for manual water recycling.

This product is latex free and is ideal for home and clinic use.


CPM Continous Passive Motion Modality Units

CPM Continous Passive Motion Modality UnitsContinuous Passive Motion (CPM) is a post-operative therapeutic modality unit that passively moves a joint through a prescribed range of motion (ROM) for an extended period of time.

CPM units are prescribed to help alleviate pain during treatment, prevent joint stiffness, maintain range of motion, and decrease rehabilitation time.

CPM units are available for rental for the following joints: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle, and toe.

All units should be used as prescribed by your physician.

CPM Rental Program: Please call 416-800-0800, or email Sandy Prescott, Office Manager at sandy@aesm.ca for details regarding this rental program.


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