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At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, we combine several traditional and innovative strategies / specialties to ensure you receive well rounded, cutting edge treatment programs to suit your exact needs. As a patient of AESM, you will be assigned your own personal therapist, who will represent our full team of skilled and capable team physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other rehab specialists, all dedicated to help you KEEP PLAYING.

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Dear Dr. Grant Lum, I am writing this to you to say thank you. I appreciate your serious approach towards solving my health problem (today I came with wrist problem in your clinic). This problem has driven me into depression and feeling of helplessness since 2-3...

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- Sincerely,

Dear Grant, As you know, I have been a client of AESM since April 2011. Thanks to you, I was able to have surgery in November to repair a badly torn rotator cuff. Since Christmas, I have been attending for treatment with Lawrence Yu three times a week. He is an...

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- Warm Regards,
Doug Cope

Dear Grant – I had been struggling with that subluxed SI pain/stiffness function for almost a year. Like a truly awful patient, I asked all my colleagues/friends to help me fix it and you did it in 15 minutes what a whole army of family, docs etc. couldn’t in...

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- Many, many, many thanks and kindest regards always,
Sabrina Akhtar

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